Have you ever thought about how the everyday activities that you do might affect your hearing? Despite being such an important aspect of our health, many people are not concerned with hearing damage. Hearing loss is a serious problem, with almost 40 million people suffering in the United States alone. If you are exposed to sound that is over 80 dB for longer periods of time, then you can start to cause irreparable hearing damage.

Perhaps you don’t know, but even something as innocent as your iPod may cause hearing damage. Especially if you are the type of person to blast music in your ears, you could be putting yourself at risk. Another very common culprit for hearing damage is a leaf blower. Some leaf blowers can reach up to 115 dB of sound, which makes gardeners particularly susceptible to hearing damage since they spend a considerable amount of time working with these loud tools.

Additionally, many power tools can cause hearing loss if you are exposed to them for long periods of time without hearing protection. Luckily, you can keep your hearing protected with a simple solution – earmuffs! Earmuffs are an inexpensive and practical way to keep your ears safe and sound. There is a great range of different products on the market and many different styles from which to choose. If you need some help with figuring out which earmuffs to buy, I would recommend taking a quick look at our reviews of some of the best hearing protection earmuffs of 2018.

As I mentioned, there are quite a few different styles of earmuffs. So, we’re going to explore some of the most asked questions that people have before they purchase their first set of earmuffs.

Is it worth it to get earmuffs with an AM/FM Radio?

Having the ability to listen to music while you are on the job is a huge perk! Particularly when you are working around noisy machinery, it can be even more relaxing to have a bit of music playing. You can play music using Bluetooth and hooking it up to your phone, or an AM/FM Radio. Bluetooth might seem like a more exciting option because you can control the music that you listen to. However, Bluetooth should only be considered as an option if you will not be working in a remote region.

While the AM/FM Radio seems old school, it is the better choice for those who work a bit in the wilderness. The likelihood of picking up a radio signal vs. your Bluetooth signal is much higher if you are in a remote area. So, if you are someone that likes to listen to music while you work, and you are working outside of a city, I would recommend buying earmuffs with an AM/FM Radio.

What do I need Bluetooth for?

As mentioned before, Bluetooth earmuffs can be a great option for music lovers. But an even better reason to buy Bluetooth is so you can take calls. Usually, it’s too noisy to hear your phone while you are working, but if your phone is connected to your earmuffs, then you will hear it ring while you are working. Having access to a phone can be an especially big perk for anyone working on a team because It will be easier to stay in contact while you are working.

Earbuds, or over the ear?

Essentially, this comes down to personal preference. I prefer the over the ear style. I find it more comfortable, and I don’t need to worry about the earbuds falling out of my ears. However, some people who wear glasses find the over the ear style a bit uncomfortable. If you have glasses, you may prefer to work with the earbud style, which will not put any weight on the sides of your glasses.

Overall, it should be a simple choice whether or not to buy hearing protection. If you are working with loud tools, then you should 100% invest in them. They are not expensive, and they can make a huge difference for your future. It may not seem serious at the beginning, but as you work with power tools more and more, your hearing becomes more sensitive and weakens to the effects of the sound.