If you plan on getting started with any woodworking projects, you are going to need to invest in a new set of tools. Woodworking requires a set of unique tools that are specific to the craft. There is a huge range of different products available for woodworking that range from basic to more advanced.

If you are just starting off with woodworking, you may be inclined to think that you should only purchase basic products, but you will quickly realize that you are limited without the right set of tools. To help you pick the right tools, we created a list of some of the must-have products that every new furniture maker should have at hand.

Once you understand what types of tools you should add to your collection, you should take a look at some of our in-depth reviews to learn more about which products to buy. For instance, we have a carefully selected list of the best thickness planers of 2018 to help guide you once it comes time to purchase your first set of tools!

Lets get started with our list of the best tools to buy for any novice furniture maker.


  1. Thickness Planer – the thickness planer is a classic piece of woodworking machinery. This is one of the handiest tools to keep in your tool shed. If you are debating between only a few larger pieces of machinery, then you should make certain that it includes this one. A professional thickness planer is the easiest way to level your wood pieces. You can trim them to whatever length of your choosing, and create even surfaces. This tool is particularly great for anyone that uses salvaged wood. This will allow you to turn old wood into fresh usable pieces
  2. Power Drills – I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a powerful power drill. Make sure to find yourself a drill with lots of adjustable bits, and one that feels comfortable to hold. If your drill is too heavy, it can be uncomfortable to use for long periods. So, shop around for a good one!
  3. Circular Saws – These are the king of saws! Powerful, versatile and designed for woodworking projects. These saws are easy to move around, so that you can get specific angles and work easily with long pieces of wood. Plus, they come in left and right handed options for extra comfort
  4. Workbench and clamps – woodworking requires space. You will need to have a long workbench that will allow you to measure and cut your pieces. For extra safety, and to make more precision cuts, you will also want to invest in a good pair of clamps. The clamps will stop your wood from moving around while you work, and will help to give you perfect lines
  5. Measuring tape – there is no guessing game when you are building furniture. You need to make everything precise and accurate
  6. Sander – when you are working with large pieces of wood, you are going to want to make sure that you have a good sander to make your wood grain smooth
  7. Hammer, nails, and a screwdriver – The basics! Hammers, nails and screwdrivers are equipment that you should always have in a toolbox handy and ready to use!
  8. Chisels and Mallets – Once you get into decoration and fine details, you are going to need to have some good quality chisels and a mallet. Chisels range in price range and style, and you will most likely try a few different types before you find what your favorite is
  9. Jigsaw – these tools help you to make cuts on a curve. Plus, they are great for fine details

These are just some of the tools that we recommend having for any novice furniture maker. However, there are a huge plethora of options, and you can essentially build up your tool shed for years with new products. Once you spend some time working in woodworking, you will have a clearer understanding of which tools are the most essential for your style.

Our list helps to break down some of the best tools to start with, but don’t be afraid to deviate from the list and buy different products! If you are looking for breakdowns of some of the best power tools, then be sure to look at our reviews. We have comparisons of some of the best tools on the market, to help guide you to buying the best tools for your needs!